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What is JSP Implicit Objects

Certain objects that are available for the use in JSP documents without being declared first. These objects are parsed by the JSP engine and inserted into the generated servlet. The implicit objects re listed below:

  • request :It represents the request made by the client. The request implicit object is generally used to get request parameters, request attributes, header information and query string values.
  • response :The JSP implicit response object is an instance of a java class that implements the javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse interface. It represents the response to be given to the client. The response implicit object is generally used to set the response content type, add cookie and redirect the response.
  • pageContext : This is used to access page attributes and also to access all the namespaces associated with a JSP page. The lass or the interface name of the object PageContext is jsp.pageContext. The object PageContext is written: Javax.servlet.jsp.pagecontext The PageContext object has a page scope. It is an instance of the javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext class.
  • session :The session object has a scope of an entire HttpSession. It is an instance of the javax.servlet.http.HttpSession class. It represents the session created for the requesting client, and stores objects between client’s requests. The session object views and manipulates session information, such as the session identifier, creation time, and last accessed time. It also binds objects to a session, so that the user information may persist across multiple user connections.
  • application :The application object has an application scope. It is an instance of the javax.servlet.ServletContext class. It represents the context within which the JSP is executing. It defines a set of methods that a servlet uses to communicate with its servlet container.
  • out :The JSP implicit out object is an instance of the javax.servlet.jsp.JspWriter class. It represents the output content to be sent to the client. The out implicit object is used to write the output content.
  • config :The JSP implicit config object is an instance of the java class that implements javax.servlet.ServletConfig interface. It gives facility for a JSP page to obtain the initialization parameters available.
  • page :The Page object denotes the JSP page, used for calling any instance of a Page’s servlet. The class or the interface name of the Page object is jsp.HttpJspPage. The Page object is written: Java.lang.Object.
  • exception :The JSP implicit exception object is an instance of the java.lang.Throwable class. It is available in JSP error pages only. It represents the occured exception that caused the control to pass to the JSP error page.