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Selenium Interview Questions

What are the benefits of Automation Testing?

Benefits of Automation testing are as follows. It allows execution of repeated test cases It enables parallel execution Automation Testing encourages unattended execution It improves accuracy. Thus, it reduces human-generated errors It saves time and money.

What is the main disadvantage of implicit wait?

The main disadvantage of implicit wait is that it slows down test performance. Another disadvantage of implicit wait is: Suppose, you set the waiting limit to be 10 seconds, and the elements appear in the DOM in 11 seconds, your tests will be failed because you told it to wait a maximum of 10 seconds.

What is the difference between “type” and “typeAndWait” command?

“type” command is used to type keyboard key values into the text box of software web application. It can also be used for selecting values of combo box whereas “typeAndWait” command is used when your typing is completed and software web page start reloading. This command will wait for software application page to reload. If …

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