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Backbone.js Interview Questions

What is Collection in Backbone.js?

A Collection can be defined as an ordered set of modules. In Backbone.js, there is a collection class which provides some useful methods to deal with the collections. We can extend the collection class to provide some additional functionalities

What is the use of Backbone.js router?

Backbone.js routers are used to route the application’s URL to some particular actions and events. At least one route must be present for every defined router. It also defines the URL representation of the application’s object when web applications provide linkable, bookmarkable, and sharable URL.

What is a View in Backbone.js?

A view is the important part of the Backbone.js architecture. In a Backbone.js application, a view is responsible for the end user interface. The view defines the way in which the application looked at the user. The View is also responsible for listening to the events and reacting to them accordingly.

Mention some most robust functionalities of Model binder?

Some most robust functionalities of the model binder are It allows the developer to define the scope when binding is created using J-Query. In some of the cases, we can rely on the default scoping rules which are based on the name attribute of HTML. The scoping rules can be redefined if the views are …

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What are the advantages of Backbone.js?

Advantages of Backbone.js: You can develop a web application with Backbone.js by using JavaScript with the minimal set of data-structuring (models & collections) and user interface (views & URLs). It is best for developing MVC like web applications, single page web applications or complex JavaScript web applications in an organized and structured manner without JavaScript …

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