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PL/SQL Interview Questions

What is consistency?

Consistency simply means that each user sees the consistent view of the data. Consider an example: there are two users A and B. A transfers money to B’s account. Here the changes are updated in A’s account (debit) but until it will be updated to B’s account (credit), till then other users can’t see the …

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Explain the Rollback statement?

The Rollback statement is issued when the transaction ends. Following conditions are true for a Rollback statement: The work done in a transition is undone as if it was never issued. All locks acquired by transaction are released.

Explain the Commit statement.

Following conditions are true for the Commit statement: Other users can see the data changes made by the transaction. The locks acquired by the transaction are released. The work done by the transaction becomes permanent.

What are the cursor attributes used in PL/SQL?

%ISOPEN: it checks whether the cursor is open or not. %ROWCOUNT: returns the number of rows affected by DML operations: INSERT,DELETE,UPDATE,SELECT. %FOUND: it checks whether cursor has fetched any row. If yes – TRUE. %NOTFOUND: it checks whether cursor has fetched any row. If no – TRUE.