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WordPress Interview Questions

What is GNU?

The GNU General Public License is called GPL in short. It has some terms and conditions to copy, modify and distribute the software licensed under its name. GNU makes sure that any software source-code licensed under it has to make originating source code open and freely available to all its users. Here, freely doesn’t mean …

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Explain the steps involved in the backup of the database.

In the database, all your posts, media files, comments, and metadata stored. It also contains user’s information and all your plugin settings. All these information are personal and unique. If you lose them, they are gone permanently. Select your WordPress database (which you created during the installation of WordPress). Click on Export. Quick is used …

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How to Backup WordPress root Files?

There are many files in your WordPress directory. These files can be downloaded back from wordpress.org site. Some of them can be retrieved back but some can’t. The wp-content directory contains all your installed themes and plugins including all your media files like images, audio or video files which you uploaded on your site. Hence, …

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How to optimize WordPress site performance?

Optimization increases the speed of your site and gives the best possible outcome. It improves the ranking of a website. There are many tricks to optimize a WordPress site. Some of them are given below: Use CDN Use a caching plugin Use a simple theme/framework Keep site updated Split long posts into smaller pages