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Oracle Interview Questions

What is save point in Oracle database?

Save points are used to divide a transaction into smaller parts. It allows rolling back of a transaction. Maximum five save points are allowed. It is used to save our data, whenever you encounter an error you can roll back from the point where you save your SAVEPOINT.

What is the usage of Save Points in Oracle database?

Save Points are used to divide a transaction into smaller phases. It enables rolling back part of a transaction. There are maximum 5 save points allowed in Oracle Database. Whenever an error is encountered, it is possible to rollback from the point where the SAVEPOINT has been saved.

What is Logical backup in Oracle?

Logical backup is used to read a set of database records and writing them into a file. An Export utility is used to take the backup while an Import utility is used to recover from the backup.

What are actual and formal parameters?

Actual Parameters: Actual parameters are the variables or expressions referenced in the parameter list of a subprogram. Let’s see a procedure call which lists two actual parameters named empno and amt: raise_sal(empno, amt); Formal Parameters: Formal parameters are variables declared in a subprogram specification and referenced in the subprogram body. Following procedure declares two formal …

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