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CodeIgniter Interview Questions

What is CSRF attack in CodeIgniter?

A CSRF attack forces a logged-on victim’s browser to send a forged HTTP request, including victim’s session cookie and other authentication information, to a web application. For example, suppose you have a site with a form. An attacker could create a bogus form on his site. This form could contain hidden inputs and malicious data. …

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How can you enable CSRF?

You can enable protection by editing config.php file and setting it to To enable CSRF make the following statement TRUE from FALSE in application/config/config.php file. $config[‘csrf_protection’] = TRUE;

What are the XSS security parameters?

XSS stands for cross-site scripting. Codeigniter contains a cross-site scripting hack prevention filter. The XSS filter targets methods to trigger JavaScript or other types of suspicious code. If it detects anything, it converts the data to character entities. XSS filtering uses xss_clean() method to filer data. $data = $this->security->xss_clean($data); There is an optional second parameter, …

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