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Angular Interview Questions

What is interpolation in Angular?

Angular is a convenient alternative to property binding. It is a special syntax that Angular converts into property binding. Interpolation is represented by double curly braces ({{}}). The text between the curly braces is often the name of a component property. Angular replaces that name with the string value of the corresponding component property.

What is MEAN stack development?

MEAN stack is a collection of JavaScript based technologies which are used to develop web applications. MEAN stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js. It provides client and server based technologies along with Database that’s why it also called Full-stack development. Here, Angular is for client-side, Node.js is a server side JavaScript execution environment and …

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What are directives in Angular?

In Angular, a directive is a function which is executed when the Angular compiler finds it in the Angular DOM. Directives specify how to control components and business logic in Angular applications. There are mainly three type of directives: Component Directives Structural Directives Attribute Directives

What is ng-content directive in Angular?

The ng-content directive is a feature of Angular which helps us to make reusable components. For example: In conventional HTML, tags are used to write something. i.e. This is a paragraph . Now, see the following example of having custom text between angular tags: This won’t work like HTML until you use ng-content Directive This …

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What are components in Angular?

Components are the key features of Angular. They are the main building blocks of an Angular application. Angular components make your complex application into reusable parts which you can reuse very easily. You can easily create components by using Angular CLI. Syntax: ng generate component component_name Or ng g c component_name

What is Data binding in Angular?

In Angular, data binding is an automatic synchronization of data between the model and view components. Two-way data binding is very popular and powerful feature of Angular which creates a bridge between the view and the business logic of the Angular apps.

What is Angular CLI?

Angular CLI is a Command Line Interface for Angular. It facilitates you to create an application and different components. Install Angular CLI: To install the latest version of Angular CLI, run the following npm command. npm install @angular/cli@latest To create an application: The ng new command is used to create a new application in Angular. …

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What is metadata in Angular?

In Angular, component and services are simply classes with decorators that mark their type and provide metadata that tells Angular how to use them. So, metadata is used to decorate a class to configure the expected behavior of the class.