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Tableau Interview Questions

What is a Tableau Data Server?

Tableau server acts as a middle man between the data and Tableau uses. Tableau Data Server allows you to share and upload data extracts, preserve database connections, as well as reuse calculations and field metadata. This means any changes you can make for the calculated field, data-set, aliases, definitions or parameters, can be saved and …

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Define Dual axis.

The dual-axis is used to visualize two different measures in two different chart types. A date column and two measures are necessary to build a dual-axis chart.

What is TDE file?

TDE is a Tableau desktop file which contains a .tde extension. It refers to the file to include data extracted from external sources like MS Access or CSV file, MS excel. There are two aspects of TDE file that make them ideal for supporting analytics and data discovery. TDE is a columnar store. TDE uses …

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What is the Story in Tableau?

A story is a sheet which contains a sequence of dashboards or worksheets that work together to deliver information. You can create stories to show how the facts are connected, provide context, and demonstrate how decisions relate to outcomes or make a compelling case. Each sheet in a story is known as a story point.

What is Tableau?

ableau is a powerful data visualization tool used in the business intelligence industry. It simplifies the raw data into a very easily understandable format. It visualizes and creates interactive, sharable dashboards. Tableau is not required any technical or programming skills.