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R Interview Questions

What are GGobi and iPlots?

The GGobi is an open-source program for visualization to exploring high dimensional typed data, and the iPlots is a package which provides bar plots, mosaic plots, box plots, parallel plots, histograms, and scatter plots.

Explain the lattice package.

The lattice package is meant to improve upon the base R graphics by giving better defaults and has the ability to display multivariate relationships easily.

What is R?

R is an interpreted computer programming language which was created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman at the University of Auckland, New Zealand”. It is a software environment used to analyze statistical information, graphical representation, reporting, and data modeling. R is the implementation of the S programming language, which is combined with lexical scoping semantics.

Explain FactoMineR.

The FactoMineR is a package that includes qualitative and quantitative variables. The observations and supplementary variables are also included in these packages.