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Python Interview Questions

What is lambda function in Python?

The anonymous function in python is a function that is defined without a name. The normal functions are defined using a keyword “def”, whereas, the anonymous functions are defined using the lambda function. The anonymous functions are also called as lambda functions.

How to send an email in Python Language?

To send an email, Python provides smtplib and email modules. Import these modules into the created mail script and send mail by authenticating a user. It has a method SMTP(smtp-server, port). It requires two parameters to establish SMTP connection. A simple example to send an email is given below. import smtplib # Calling SMTP s …

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What is the usage of enumerate () function in Python?

The enumerate() function is used to iterate through the sequence and retrieve the index position and its corresponding value at the same time. For i,v in enumerate([‘Python’,’Java’,’C++’]): print(i,v) 0 Python 1 Java 2 C++ # enumerate using an index sequence for count, item in enumerate([‘Python’,’Java’,’C++’], 10):