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Magento Interview Questions

Explain some features of Magento?

Magento has following basic features. SEO Friendly Google sitemap support Accounts of Customers Managing orders Report and analysis Site management Payment Marketing promotion and tools International support Extremely modular architecture

Explain how to change Magento core API setting?

You have to follow these steps to change Magento core API setting. Go to Admin menu, choose System -> Configuration Select Magento Core API on the left side of the Configuration Panel, under Services Click on to expand the General Settings section Type name of the Default Response Charset that you want to use Determine …

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What are the limitations of Magento?

There are the following limitations of Magento. Due to the fact that it is written in PHP, it is slower in performance as compare to other platforms. It consumes more space in the memory. It can consume gigabytes of RAM during heavy processes. In the absence of Object oriented programming, it can become complex.