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Django Interview Questions

What is Django Session?

A session is a mechanism to store information on the server side during the interaction with the web application. By default, session stores in the database and also allows file-based and cache based sessions.

What is Django Exception?

An exception is an abnormal event that leads to program failure. To deal with this situation, Django uses its exception classes and supports all core Python exceptions as well. Django core exceptions classes are defined in django.core.exceptions module.

How to handle URLs in Django?

To handle URL, django.urls module is used by the Django framework. Let’s open the file of the project and see the what it looks like: // from django.contrib import admin from django.urls import path urlpatterns = [ path(‘admin/’,, ] See, Django already has mentioned a URL here for the admin. The path …

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What is the usage of and It is a Django’s command line utility for administrative tasks. It is an automatically created file in each Django project. It is a thin wrapper around the It has the following usage: It puts your project’s package on sys.path. It sets the DJANGO_SETTING_MODULE environment variable to points to your project’s file.