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What are Web Services in ASP.NET?

A Web Service is a software program that uses XML to exchange information with other software via common internet protocols. In a simple sense, Web Services are a way of interacting with objects over the Internet.

A web service is,

  • Language Independent.
  • Protocol Independent.
  • Platform Independent.
  • It assumes a stateless service architecture.
  • Scalable (e.g. multiplying two numbers together to an entire customer-relationship management system).
  • Programmable (encapsulates a task).
  • Based on XML (open, text-based standard).
  • Self-describing (metadata for access and use).
  • Discoverable (search and locate in registries)- ability of applications and developers to search for and locate desired Web services through registries. This is based on UDDI.
    Key Web Service Technologies,
  • XML- Describes only data. So, any application that understands XML-regardless of the application’s programming language or platform-has the ability to format XML in a variety of ways (well-formed or valid).
  • SOAP- Provides a communication mechanism between services and applications.
  • WSDL- Offers a uniform method of describing web services to other programs.
  • UDDI- Enables the creation of searchable Web services registries.