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Can you give some examples of thread racing conditions you had experienced

  • Declaring variables in JSP pages are not thread-safe. The declared variables in JSP pages end-up as instance variables in the converted Servlets. <%! Calendar c = Calendar.getInstance(); %>
  • Decalring instance variables in Servlets is not thread safe, as Servlets are inherently multi-threaded and gets accessed by multiple-threads. Same is true for the Actionclasses in the struts framework.
  • Some of the Java standard library classes likeSimpleDateFormat is not thread-safe. Always check the API to see if a particular class is thread-safe. If a particular class or library is not therad-safe, you could do one of three things.

Provide your own wrapper class that decorates the third-party library with proper synchronization.

This is a typical use of the decorator design pattern.

Use an alternative library, which is thread-safe if available.

For example, Joda Time Library.

Use it in a thread-safe manner.

For example, you could use the SimpleDateFormat class as shown below within a ThreadLocal class.

Each thread will have its own instance of the SimpleDateFormat object.


public class DateFormatTest


//          anonymous inner class. Each thread will have its own copy


private final static ThreadLocal<SimpleDateFormat> shortDateFormat

=  new ThreadLocal<SimpleDateFormat>()


protected SimpleDateFormat initialValue()


return new SimpleDateFormat(“dd/MM/yyyy”);




public Date convert(String strDate)throws ParseException


//          get the SimpleDateFormat instance for this thread and parse the date string


Date d = shortDateFormat.get().parse(strDate);

return d;



  • The one that is very popular with the interviewers is writing the singleton classes that are not thread-safe.