List the essential components of React Native.

These are the core components of React Native:

  • View: It is the basic built-in component used to build UI of Mobile apps. The view is similar to the div in HTML. It is a content area where you can display your content.
  • States: It is used to control the components. The variable data can be stored in the state. It is mutable means a state can change the value at any time.
  • Props: Props are used to pass data to the different components. It is immutable means props cannot change the value. It provides a connection between the container component and a presentation component.
  • Style: It is an essential component in the web or mobile, which makes the application attractive. React Native does not require any special language or syntax for styling. It can style the application using the JavaScript object.
  • Text: This component displays text in the app. It uses the basic component textInput to take text input from the user.
  • ScrollView: It is a scrolling container used to host multiple views. It can be used to render the large list or content in view with a scroll bar.