Can you list some Java interfaces that use the observerdesign pattern

  • The Java Message Service (JMS) models the observer pattern, with its guaranteed delivery, non-local distribution, and persistence, to name a few of its benefits. The JMS publish-subscribe messaging model allows any number of subscribers to listen to topics of interest. When a message for the published topic is produced, all the associated subscribers are notified.
  • The Java Foundation Classes (JFC) like JList, JTree and the JTable components manipulate data through their respective data models. The components act as observers of their data models.
  • In the java.util package, we have the Observerinterface and the Observable class.
  • In an MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, the view gets its own data from the model or in some cases the controller may issue a general instruction to the view to render itself. In others, the view acts as an observer and is automatically notified by the model of changes in state that require a screen update.