Your interview is more or less coming to an end when the interviewer asks you, "Do you have any questions for me?" | Eklavya Online

Your interview is more or less coming to an end when the interviewer asks you, “Do you have any questions for me?”

Never say “no” as this is perhaps the worst response ever given by any interview candidate! Remember that interviews are not integrations but are business conversations where both the parties should ask and respond to questions. Coming back to the situation, the best answer for a fresher is as follows:

Possible Answer #1:
“Yes, I do!”

This is probably your very first chance during the interview, to ask a question. Questioning will indicate that as a fresher, you came well-prepared for the interview and you are still absorbed in the conversation.

It will also show that you do take interest in the organization. Make a general list of five questions about the company and ask them to your interviewer, after all other HR interview questions and answers are over.

Possible Answer #2:
“How has your journey been so far in this organization? What excites you the most about working here? How long does it ideally take a person to prove their caliber here? Where is the organization headed in the next years? What are the next steps of this interview?”

In case you already know everything about your potential employer, you can ask the interviewer a direct question like:

Possible Answer #3:
“Can you tell me something about yourself?”

Everyone likes to talk about themselves, so this is a safe question amongst all other HR interview questions and answers. In the end, try to throw in an enthusiastic conversation ender like:

Possible Answer #4:
“It was great talking to you!”

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Lastly, wait for the interviewer to utter “Thank You” or any other concluding line.

Now it’s your turn to get up, put your hand out for a handshake and then step out of the interview room.

Remember to carry out your bag, folder, and other belongings. 😛

We hope that this compilation of some of the most frequently asked HR interview questions and answers will help you ace in your next HR interview round.

Wish you all the best! Once you are done with your interview, don’t forget to share your interview experience with us.

We would love to know how it went. All the best!