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Why should we hire you? or Why should I hire you?

Most freshers might treat this as a challenging question. Remember that it’s not some sort of a blow to your ego, but a stress test which you can pass smoothly with a powerful answer.

Below given is your perfect answer, which you can use in your discussion pertaining to HR interview questions and answers.

Possible Answer #1:
“Sir/Ma’am, I have all the requisite qualifications and skills. I can do the work that the profile requires me to do.

Besides, I have the capacity to deliver exceptional results. I can blend into mixed cultures and will fit in beautifully, which will make me a great addition to the team.

For a fresher, I have the right amount of exposure into this industry, as I have completed my internship with XYZ company only recently.

Hiring me will be a great value-add to your workforce as the organization will keep on gaining, with me around.”

Sell your interviewer on you and close the deal on your dream job while having a discussion on HR interview questions and answers!

To do so, you need to stay prepared with a summary of the best reasons why they should select you. If you feel you are the winning candidate, you should prove that you are more than qualified. Here’s your best answer.

Possible Answer #2:
“Sir/mam, I have great communication skills, desired experience and the requisite skill set for this job role.

If I get a chance to showcase my abilities, I will leave no stone unturned with my commitment to hard work and dedication.”

This is your chance to repeat your strengths and describe your best-selling points while discussing HR interview questions and answers.

Tweak them to align your answer to the position’s top requirements.

Your answer should be ready in a few bullet points with the optimal combination of your industry experience, your domain expertise, your technical skills and your key accomplishments.

Articulate smartly for a sure shot impact.

Possible Answer #3:
“Sir/Ma’am, I am confident about the fact that my strong technical experience and outstanding knowledge of SKILL1, SKILL2, and SKILL3 make me a strong contender for this position.

I have been in this field for X years. I have got several to pick up skills, for example in my previous organization, I have completed an internal certification on SAP and supply chain management process.

I have successfully executed projects right from inception to delivery.

I must add that today I am sitting here because I strongly believe this is the right place to extend my skills.

This might be excellent for my future and for the growth of this esteemed organization as well.”

Some other variations of this question that are generally asked, are as follows.

Your answer remains the same for the below questions as well (amongst all other HR interview questions and answers), as discussed above. But remember to keep it short and precise.

What makes you the best candidate for this position?
Why do you think you can fit well into the position?
What can you bring to the position and to the organization