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What languages does the .NET Framework support?

Answering this question shows you have the basic knowledge and skills required to fulfill the needs of the position. The right candidate should be a knowledgeable programmer who is comfortable coding within the .NET Framework. In addition to telling what languages the framework supports, you can also provide your experience programming within those languages.

Example: “The .NET Framework supports more than 60 languages. This includes both Microsoft and non-Microsoft languages. The most common languages are VB.NET, Cobol, Perl, C#, C++ and F# languages.

I began my programming career by learning C#. It’s provided an important foundation for my professional development as a programmer. When I got my C# programming certificate, I was promoted to a full-time developer at National Telecom Ltd. In that role, I also learned F# and Cobol. This makes me very familiar with these common languages applied to the .NET Framework.”