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What is the web API in ASP.NET?

It is a framework provided by Microsoft for writing HTTP services. There are many frameworks available to build HTTP based services. They follow a common guideline of international standardization but with different flavors.

For example, all framework must adhere to these status codes-

  • 1xx – Informational Message
  • 2xx – Successful
  • 3xx – Redirection
  • 4xx – Client Error
  • 5xx – Server Error


  • It is light weight and thus good for small devices also like tablets, smart phones.
  • No tedious & extensive configuration like WCF REST is required.
  • MediaTypeFormatter makes easy to configure your APIs response type in single line (JSON, XML and so on).
  • IIS Hosting dependency is no more and it can be hosted in application too.
  • Easy and simple control with HTTP features such as Caching, Versioning, request/response headers and its various content formats.
  • It support content-negotiation (deciding the best response data format that client can accept).
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Basic Understanding On ASP.NET Web API