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What is Agile Methodology:

Agile Methodology refers to the software development process with an idea of iterative development between the self organised cross-functional team. The agile method emphasizes on breaking the whole process into different stages so as to keep track of every activity with constant collaboration resulting in improved and quality results at every stage of the workflow process. Keep reading scrum master interview questions.

With the concepts of Agile Methodology, teams are able to self organised themselves with the constant collaborative approach between the cross-functional team. Once the process of work begins, the teams need to go through different stages of planning, execution, evaluation and delivery.

The fundamentals of Agile Methodology relies on four core values:

1) Individual Interaction as well as Team Interaction over processes and tools.

2) Working Software over comprehensive documentation.

3) Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.

4) Responding to change over following a plan.