What are your strong points? or What are your strengths? | Eklavya Online

What are your strong points? or What are your strengths?

Don’t just talk about your strengths, your interviewer genuinely wants to know about your strong points.

Possible Answer #1:
“I am passionate towards my work and also a good listener, which means, I take my instructions seriously.

I am not a person who leaves things midway. I never lose focus, even if I am under stress or have stringent deadlines to meet.

I like to finish every single task on my to-do list completely.

Optimism, energy and my ability to learn quickly let me hit the ground and rapidly solve problems.

I also have good communication skills which means I can deal fairly well with my business clients as well as with the members of my internal team, in the future.

Based on my skills, abilities, and experience, I know I would be a great addition to the team.”

Possible Answer #2:
“I have the requisite skills to make your risk worth it. Chatting less and letting my work do the talking, is my motto.

In the past, whatever project was assigned to me was delivered on time and also at par with all the quality standards.”

Possible Answer #3:
“I’ve been told that I’m a very good manager.

My team tells me that I give them a lot of freedom in how to do their work, which they really appreciate.

They also say that I’m really enthusiastic, so when we’re faced with too much work, they tell me that my manner really helps to keep them motivated and calm.

My boss also tells me that I’m very innovative in terms of finding new ways of working that cut out inefficiency.”