How quickly do you adapt to new technology? | Eklavya Online

How quickly do you adapt to new technology?

Possible Answer #1:
“I can adapt quickly to new circumstances.

Since I am clear about my job role and I am mentally prepared to take up challenges, I feel I have the capacity to learn fast and apply my new knowledge.

During my student life, I had to clear new papers and projects in every semester and thoroughly enjoyed doing it.

Similarly, I will enjoy picking up new technologies in my professional life as well.”

Possible Answer #2:
“Being a Bigdata Engineer working on game analytics engine, which is in itself a completely new field, I have a great track record of adapting to new technologies.

I have picked up and implemented restful cloud application which can extract data from MongoDB or Aerospike and processes this data in Spark.

The application I built takes SQL query inputs to process and generate output in a JSON, PSV, TDE format Same is published on a tableau server and further uploaded into the AWS S3 buckets.

In order to build this API, I mastered Java/Scala Drop wizard, Spark, MongoDB, Aerospike, SQL, Tableau SDK, YAML, Maven, and SBT in just 1 year.

Whatever may be the case, the core requirements of my job role are constant. I AM a Hadoop/Spark Engineer.

Yes, it does take me some time to forge positive working relationships with new colleagues, but when it comes to technology, I am always the front runner.”