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Explain in basic terms how to execute managed code.

Executing code is an essential function of any developer, but knowledge of executing managed code is specific to the .NET Framework. Your answer should explain how to execute code that runs inside the common language runtime environment the framework provides.

Additionally, whenever an interviewer asks you to explain something in “basic terms,” it’s important to pay attention to the language you use to make it as clear as possible. These types of questions are often asked when the position requires the candidate to be both very technical and also a good communicator who can explain their work to a broad audience. In some organizations, a lead developer may be responsible for reporting progress on an application to stakeholders. During these exchanges, they should be able to break down their work without using technical jargon or overly complicated language.

Example: “First, I would write the code. Then I would compile the code with a resource called a compiler. Using the compiler, I would convert the managed code into an intermediate language. The intermediate language will be targeted by the Common Language Runtime within .NET Framework and converted to native code that can then be executed inside the framework.

In my previous role as a developer, I was tasked with speeding up application delivery times. Using .NET and this process for executing managed code, I was able to reduce delivery timelines by 5% overall.”