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Describe the garbage collection process.

Garbage collection is an essential process of the .NET Framework that performs memory usage optimization to allow for greater effectiveness of the platform. Answering this question allows you to show you’re an expert on the subject of .NET. It demonstrates knowledge of the framework that goes beyond just repeating theoretical concepts.

Example: “The .NET Framework uses the garbage collector to release unused code lying in the memory. The garbage collector will release code at different times for the three different generations divided within the memory. Since the code objects in Generation 0 are generally short-lived, the garbage collector will frequently release the code objects here, where objects in Generations 1 and 2 will be released less often.

In the first phase of garbage collection, the collector identifies a list of live objects. Then, the collector updates the references for the objects the collector will compact. In phase three, the collector reclaims the spaces taken up by the dead code objects. The code that remains is then transported to an older segment.”

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