Why do you want to work for us or our company? or Why do you want this job?

Possible Answer #1:
“I read an article in the newspaper a few months back. The news piece revolved around your corporate community service. I am not exactly a philanthropist, as I am not that rich yet, but giving back is a big part of my personal philosophy. When I read that article, I was moved.

The true excitement overtook me when I got this interview call. It will be really nice if I get to work in an organization, which follows the same philosophies as I personally do.

Because my technical skills will be recognized in other places as well, but personal philosophies are equally important.”

Possible Answer #2:
“Teamwork is what I truly believe in. When I saw that there was an opening in your organization, I made sure that my application was put in.

Being a team-player, I believe working together to achieve a higher goal is what drives success in the long run.

And my skills as an engineer and a team member will give me a 360-degree work satisfaction for me”