Did you ever have a conflict with your current/previous boss or professor?

Possible Answer #1:
“Recently I had a disagreement with one of my professors about a question that was out of syllabus in one of the semester exams.

It was not a major one, but yes I will label it a ‘conflict’.

Most of my friends and peers did not attempt this question due to ambiguity.

When I brought the cause into my professor’s notice in private, he remained cold and unconcerned.

So, I and my batchmates had a discussion following which, we went to him together.

At that point, our professor agreed that the question was ambiguous, but he refused to give us grace marks for the same.

I felt disappointed because he did not appreciate the fact that I brought the situation earlier, into his notice in private.

Besides, he did not suggest an alternative paper or project work, with which students could make up for the lost marks.”

Possible Answer #2:
“I was managing the creation of our new company presentation, flyers, standees, brochure, and emailers.

My team had to meet a very tight deadline because everything had to be delivered on time.

I was in charge of the deliverables and had to manage all my team members which included marketing, sales, graphic design, events and product management.

My designer was very talented, but he, unfortunately, missed a deadline.

When I approached him about the same, he started bad-mouthing me.

I was taken aback but explained my reasoning again.

Eventually, we decided to speak to our AVP about how important and time-consuming this project was.

The AVP agreed and ended up assigning other designing projects to another graphic designer.

This took pressure off my team and then we focused on our priority.

Later my designer apologized for the blow-up and his behavior. He also thanked me for my help.”