Web Development Interview Questions

What is the difference between Java and JavaScript?

Post Views: 36,891 Don’t be fooled by the term Java in both. Both are quite different technologies. The key differences can be summarized as follows: JavaScript variables are dynamically typed, whereas the Java variables are statically typed. var myVar1 = “Hello”;         //string type var myVar2 = 5;               //number type var myVar3 = new Object( );   //empty object type var myVar4 = {};              //empty object type — JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) style. In JavaScript properties and methods are dynamically added, whereas…

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What is unobtrusive javascript? How to add behavior to an element using javascript?

Post Views: 36,838 Unobtrusive Javascript refers to the argument that the purpose of markup is to describe a document’s structure, not its programmatic behavior and that combining the two negatively impacts a site’s maintainability. Inline event handlers are harder to use and maintain, when one needs to set several events on a single element or when one is using event delegation. <input type=”text” name=”date” /> Say an input field with the name “date” had to be validated at runtime: document.getElementsByName(“date”)[0].…

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What are Javascript closures?When would you use them?

Post Views: 36,838 Two one sentence summaries: a closure is the local variables for a function – kept alive after the function has returned or a closure is a stack-frame which is not deallocated when the function returns. A closure takes place when a function creates an environment that binds local variables to it in such a way that they are kept alive after the function has returned. A closure is a special kind of object that combines two things:…

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