Technical Interview Questions

Difference between javascript and program

Post Views: 1 Difference between script and program: 1. A program has well defined structure, which must be followed even execute a single file. A script is a set of instructions (may be a single statement), which are complete in it-self. And execute independently as rest of the instructions. 2. Script is loose-type. It means variable’s data-type is not must. In scripting language, variables can be used without declaring them. And its type is defined when values are assigned to them. That is loose-type.…

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Interview Scenario on MySQL:

Post Views: 1 Interview Scenario on MySQL: There is a table named SAMPLE, and we want to delete all the data from the table. Which is better option? delete * from SAMPLE truncate table SAMPLE In delete cursor is on the current location, data is deleted from the table but memory is not released by the table, by which searching and sorting operation may take so much time. While, in truncate cursor is on the starting location, data is deleted permanently and memory…

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