Django Interview Questions

What is the role of Cookie in Django?

Post Views: 48,571 A cookie is a small piece of information which is stored in the client browser. It is used to store user’s data in a file permanently (or for the specified time). Cookie has its expiry date and time and removes automatically when gets expire. Django provides built-in methods to set and fetch cookie. The set_cookie() method is used to set a cookie and get() method is used to get the cookie. The request.COOKIES[‘key’] array can also be…

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How to handle URLs in Django?

Post Views: 48,563 To handle URL, django.urls module is used by the Django framework. Let’s open the file of the project and see the what it looks like: // from django.contrib import admin from django.urls import path urlpatterns = [ path(‘admin/’,, ] See, Django already has mentioned a URL here for the admin. The path function takes the first argument as a route of string or regex type. The view argument is a view function which is…

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What is the usage of and

Post Views: 48,562 It is a Django’s command line utility for administrative tasks. It is an automatically created file in each Django project. It is a thin wrapper around the It has the following usage: It puts your project’s package on sys.path. It sets the DJANGO_SETTING_MODULE environment variable to points to your project’s file.

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