Are you open to take risks? or Do you like experimenting?

Possible Answer #1:
“It is always good to venture into new waters and new technologies.

I am a very adaptive person and my diligence helps me pick up new stuff quickly.

Experimenting or taking risks can yield both good and bad results, but the exercise in itself is a great learning experience.

Such experiences generate experts and I want to become an SME or a JAVA subject matter expert someday.”

Possible Answer #2:
“This is a good question and a complex one. My answer would be both a No and a Yes.

Personally, I like to experiment with new things, but I keep all my past mistakes in mind before taking a shot at a brand-new project.

For example, carpentry is my hobby and I love to build small furniture pieces with my new toolkit, which was a gift from my brother.

But I will never venture into a complete home renovation project with that little kit!

What I mean to say is that baby steps are fine, but I will not jump off a cliff at once.”